Monday, November 28, 2011

Deal or No Deal

Presyong Patok

CashCash Pinoy


I’m a self-confessed frugal person. I always have an eye for great deals and discounts. My family and friends often tease me of being kuripot but I’d rather call myself practical. J Unlike most women my age, I can roam an entire mall for hours and leave without buying anything. I don’t have tons of clothes and shoes which I can only wear once or twice a year. Don’t get me wrong. I also shop once in a while but it has never been impulsive or out of the blue. I only buy things I want AND need at the same time.

Basically, I just want my money’s worth. Period.

Then come the social buying sites. Social buying sites provide bargain deals offered online, leveraging the power of social media. Somehow, Ensogo, Cashcash Pinoy, Metrodeal, Dealdozen, Dealgrocer etc have become common knowledge. Good Lord, my frugality has been tested by these sites. I found myself purchasing vouchers/ coupons one after the other. Come on, tell me, how in the world can one resist?!

Imagine, one can now eat in a buffet and drink a glass of premium wine in a five-star hotel like Sofitel and Circles for half the price! One can already have his dream vacation with airfare, city tours and hotel accommodation all in one package! One can now afford to watch a musical play, lose a fat belly, eat at an expensive restaurant, have whiter underarms, and all the other things anyone can ever imagine! All for a reasonable price!

Note that this is not the typical department store or mall sale promos, because the discounts are really enormous. Sometimes, there are deals going up as high as 90% less the original price.

But come to think of it, these online deals are perfect for generating CREATED NEEDS. In the end, one spends for something which he doesn’t intend to buy in the first place. So is he really saving money?

I really don’t want to sound all preachy here. Bottom line is, whether these deals will work for your benefit or not, it’s totally up to you.

The rules are simple - “live within your means” and “discipline is wisdom and vice versa.”

Angeli I. Serapio. Entry #1

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