Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holiday Gloom..

Today is officially the first day of December which means the Holiday season is almost at the corner. Years from now, I would have been overly excited with the approaching Christmas and New Year celebrations, not just because of the long school break coupling the said season but because of the general hype almost everybody exert over the Holidays. There is something about the Christmas spirit that made me want to sing and dance with joy years back.

I remember how Filipino Christmas traditions made me feel elated. One Christmas song played in the radio was enough to ignite my holiday excitement. I used to look forward to the Christmas hangings and decorations on different major thoroughfares and malls. Now, however, (I don’t exactly remember when I started to lose interest) Christmas is somehow another holiday for me. I guess it comes with age in my case, but I cannot generalize really for all because I still observe adults my age and above who get excited sincerely with the Christmas season (otherwise they are damn good actors).

Not that I hate Christmas (I consistently remain to be a fan of whatever Holiday there is), I just do not feel the excitement I used to feel before anymore whenever Christmas season is confronting me head on. Somehow it makes me sad. I do not really understand why. Maybe the Christmas spirit is inversely related with age. I think one’s happiness and excitement are high up when one still enjoys the benefit of cute and tolerable ignorance (or innocence, whichever); when one still believes that reindeers and Santa Claus exist; when one waits hopefully every Christmas morning with the firm belief that Santa with his reindeers had already placed a present inside one’s Christmas sock.

I am not sure if it is the same for everybody but the realization is gradual. Maybe for some, the bubble just pop one time big time when they saw their fathers placing presents inside their Christmas socks or some inconsiderate adult or a know-it-all playmate who learned ahead that fairies and such do not exist disclose the truth about the greatest tale humankind invented for their ‘youngs’. Since it is gradual, I do not have a precise recollection when and what made me start to no longer believe. Just like many things in life, age ruined it all for me. Should I had my own way with things I would have remained innocent and choose to still believe in all Christmas myths. Some may not choose the same should they be given the chance, but for all I care, I simply want to again experience the incomparable joy and excitement brought by Christmas I used to feel when I was still a kid and life is definitely uncomplicated.

Danjun Lucas, Blog Entry #1

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