Wednesday, November 30, 2011

FB-BF fight

Because of sex, my fiancé and I almost fought today.

Well, not exactly because of sex. Rather, because of a post by a girl on his facebook wall pertaining to it.

I am a loyal follower of his facebook wall. Whenever logged in, I never fail to steal a glance at his profile and wall. And my physiological and emotional reactions have always been the same: intoxicated smile, mesmerized eyes, thrilled bones and captivated mind.

Except today.

Shocked, nervous and scared, I sent him a text message asking about the post and the girl who had posted it. He explained that she had been a student in the field trip hosted and toured by him and his cousin in Camiguin and disclaimed any connection with her, besides being his facebook and friendster friend. He also related an incident wherein his cousin's girlfriend had a fight with the girl because the latter kept on posting “improper” messages on his cousin's account. In short, the girl is not one who is to be taken seriously.

So I calmed down. I believed him, of course. After all, he is my fiancé. We did not build 7 months of being engaged, 7 months of being boyfriend-girlfriend, and 8 years of being friends just to be destroyed by a single facebook post.

But the part of it that struck me is the facility that technology offered in disturbing relationships and ruining reputations. They are already easy without facebook or other social networking sites; these advancements even made them easier.

It is easier because all you need to do is conjure up an imaginative picture, summon a devilish spirit and then hit the post or send button. Then you distress the persons sharing a relationship. It is easier because it is faster – with one click, you create a disturbance. Finally, it is easier because it reaches far and wide. You can tell the whole world, and instantly, reputations built over the years, worked hard for, are stained.

Well, I guess even wrongdoings have to evolve with the times, too. These kinds of wrongs have been done in the past; they just take different forms as society changes. The means by which they are committed also adapt. Many things have been made easier and faster for us by technology, and the way people commit wrongs cannot be insulated from that effect.

In the end, my fiance chose to remedy the situation by availing of the easy solution afforded by the same technology: delete and block.

Diana Lutgarda P. Bonilla, Entry # 1

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