Saturday, October 2, 2010


Since watching the movie "Alive" on HBO a couple of months back, I have become quite obsessed with the movie and the novels on which it was based upon. The movie "Alive" is based on the acclaimed book "Alive: The Story of the Andes Survivors" written by Piers Paul Read in 1974. The novel tells the story of a Uruguayan Rugby Team, the Old Christians Club, who chartered the Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571, for an upcoming match in Chile. On the way, the plane experienced engine troubles while flying over the Andes Mountains and crashed, killing a few but leaving most behind. The struggle to survive then becomes apparent as the survivors are faced with the difficulties of living in extreme weather conditions, lack of food and worsening medical conditions while waiting for their rescuers. As days passed and they realized they needed food in order to survive, they make one of the most difficult decisions which was deciding on whether they can eat their dead friends' bodies or not. As depression sets in, they also realize that they cannot lounge in the mountains forever and wait for their rescuers, but they needed to undertake the steps themselves to get rescued. I won't spill any more of the movie's ending as I'm sure some of you would be curious by now and would want to see the movie or read the book.

Their stories made me wonder a lot of times on whether I would have survived the same situation if I was part of that group. The answer always leads me to No, maybe not. I'm a weakling. I easily panic, lose hope and easily give up on tough situations.

But then again, I tend to forget that hey, I survived three years in law school, didn't I? Doesn't that prove otherwise? Maybe it does. I remember my first year in law school when I would cry every night because of stress, fatigue and the thought of quitting this things which I really hated. Then, I changed my perspective and took it one semester at a time. And look at me now. Just waiting for the rescue that I know would inevitably come.

Malcolm Hall, you are my personal Andes Mountains.

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