Sunday, October 17, 2010

There is no Hard Mode 11

In celebration of the end of the semester and my final blog post, I've compiled my Top 11 List of How Law and Computers Changed My Life:

  1. Playing Monopoly has never been the same. Knowledge of Property, Credit Transactions, Land Titles & Deeds, Transportation & Public Utilities Law, Taxation Law and Corporations is recommended.
  2. When going out with law school mates, keep in mind that hunger is always jus cogens.
  3. When you're assigned to read a case, you now ask for the G.R. Number and date of promulgation instead of the SCRA citation.
  4. You dismiss gossip and tsimis as hearsay, but still believe in them.
  5. You still click on "I Agree" without reading the EULA first, despite understanding what a "venue stipulation" means.
  6. Talking to MMDA or other law enforcement officers has never been the same.
  7. You smirk when a food vendor or jeepney driver gives you candy as change instead of coins.
  8. You now begin to think of entering into contracts in electronic form, hoping that the judge won't know any better.
  9. When riding in a classmate's car, you consider paying him so that he or she will be forced to exercise extraordinary diligence.
  10. Reading newspapers and listening to the news has never been the same.
  11. You begin to think about specializing in ICT law.

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