Saturday, October 2, 2010

If it's on the Internet...

I was watching Cougar Town and in one of the episodes, Christa Miller's character came across this article on the internet which says that drinking alcohol keeps women skinny. Courtney Cox-Arquette's character then goes ahead and announces the news to all their friends because according to her, "If it's on the internet, it must be true!"

Of course, we all know that isn't true, what with the internet being so accessible to everyone. It has become so open to anyone who can just create a fake site with fake information a la The Yes Men. At this point, we're not even sure which sites are reliable, and which information is true . While allowing so many people to contribute to the internet has enriched it, such that we can find something about anything and anyone under the sun, there is also a risk that not all that is contributed is necessarily legitimate.

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