Tuesday, October 5, 2010

CyberPsychology 101: Inside the Mind of Flooders and Hackers

Let’s take a look on how the mind of flooders and hackers work.

According to Suller, in his article, Techno-Crimes (Hacking): Managing deviant online behavior, all deliberate flooders are driven by a need to feel powerful. Having to disrupt other people's ability to communicate probably reflects their own inabilities and insecurities about relating to others.
On the other hand, Suller said that hackers are motivated by the challenge and excitement of venturing into forbidden territories. They derive a sense of accomplishment, mastery, and power from doing what others can't. Hackers have a constant need for affirmation of their ego. Impressing other users, especially one's fellow hackers, is a source of self-esteem. Some are motivated by a rebellious nature. Cracking the system of the "institution" reflects a defiant attitude towards authority figures. In extreme cases, a hacker - and especially hacker wannabes - feel pressured to demonstrate that they are better and smarter than anyone. The cat-and-mouse drama of beating the system becomes a tireless, relentless quest to prove oneself.

Understanding how the flooders and hackers think may allow people to think of interventions as how to effectively protect the system and dissuade these flooders and hackers from doing further damage.


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