Tuesday, October 5, 2010

No Wi-fi, No Fun??! Not!

I was riding the MRT when I looked outside and saw the Jac Bus Liner station in Cubao and saw this huge banner in front of their terminal. The banner said: "With Free On-board Wi-fi. The First in the Country".

I mean, seriously? Why would you need Wi-fi while on board a bus? Then I thought, oh for those with WLAN enabled phones, laptops, Nintendo DS and other peripherals. For the kids esepcially. Okay, it makes sense now..

Heck no, it doesn't!

I remember when I was a little kid and my family would travel for 12 hours to visit relatives in Bicol. How I cherished those times as a kid when I would open the car windows, stick my head outside and feel the wind against my face as we were cruising province after province of mountains, coconut plantations, creeks, rivers, ravines, carabaos, etc. I marveled at the sights around me, compared it to the dusty pollution in Metro Manila and loved every moment of it. During the ride, me and my sisters would also play a game where we would look for every kilometer marker and count down until we reach the next municipality. When we would get bored, we would listen to our parents' stories of growing up, how they escaped Japanese soldiers during World War II, how they fed themselves with just 10 cents as school baon, how they studied at night without electricity. When we were lucky and the car would break down, as it often does, we would stay at a local inn for the night and roam the beaches and barrio, absorbing local culture, while waiting for the local repair shop to get our car fixed. We would sing songs, recite poems, not play board games for I would get dizzy, but talk about EVERYTHING to our heart's desire.

We needed no PSP, no DS Lite, no iPad, no Wi-fi to keep us entertained. And we still had the best time. :)

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