Thursday, December 8, 2011


Last Sunday due to the bad weather in Manila, my friend and I had the craziest idea to find sun elsewhere. We came up with the idea to go beaching some place near the metro. Our choices were Bataan, Subic Zambales or Batangas. Since we both frequent the North in most of our out-of-town escapades we decided to go south instead. So Batangas it is!

While in C-5 road on the way to the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX), we surfed the net to find a decent place that can accommodate us in such a short notice. We found several promising resorts on different parts of Batangas. We decided to go to Laiya in the end because we got persuaded by the Municipal website’s promise of white sand comparable with that of Boracay and Panglao, Bohol.

So off to Laiya we were!

From Quezon City, it took us four hours to get there. While traversing the long road of SLEX and Star Toll, we were beginning to get really frustrated because the bad weather seemed to be following us. In SLEX, we almost encountered zero visibility due to ‘smog’ and water sprinkles of car and truck tires alike. It seemed as if our road trip to good weather was about to be a failure.

In San Juan, Batangas, the town before Laiya, clusters of heavy clouds were looming to release themselves on us. Frustrations were sky high inside our car, nobody dared talk for the entire drive through San Juan Batangas. Then, a sudden bolt of excitement consumed us; SUNSHINE! There was as if an invisible wall separating the wet roads of San Juan to the awesomely dry streets of Laiya.

We stayed in the Acuatico Resort for a day trip. The beach was great! It was perfect! The weather, the resort, the food, the beach and the company.

While we were exploring the beachfront stretching for about half a kilometre covering several resorts and private properties, a notice posted in one of the private resort’s entrance gate caught our attention. The notice says: “ NO TRESSPASSING: Violators will be shot. Survivors will be shot again”

My mind was urgently contemplating whether to laugh or be offended by the sheer insensitivity and lack of humanity involved in the statement. I was wondering whether someone really is capable of doing what is demanded in the notice. Sure, one has the right to protect his property or life from transgressors as recognized by the law, the legal provision mandates however, that certain requirements be met. For instance the force to be used in confronting the danger must be only that which is necessary to prevent the peril entailed by the threat. In any case, since we were in such high spirits due to the warm sun we just laughed it off and forgot the insensitivities of the warning/notice posted.

Danjun Lucas

Entry # 2

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