Thursday, December 8, 2011

Theft of Christmas stockings, who knows?

“Theft of packages left in front of homes is a growing trend during weak economy.” This news is currently reported by Yahoo. It seems strange right? But now that the Christmas is fast approaching plus the fact that US is still in a recessionary recovery, this shouldn’t be a surprise. People need more money to satisfy their wants for Christmas. However, that shouldn’t be strange enough. In August 2011, US reported a surge in the thefts of dogs to 32% due to prolonged economic recessionary recovery. I just can’t imagine a poor dog being taken by someone and will never be able to come back again to its family. I am pretty sure that those dogs will spend their Christmas thinking about their home.

In times of need, people can really do a lot of things especially if it is for their family. That is quite obvious in the Philipines as there is a higher crime rate during Christmas season year by year, no miss. Filipinos would always want to give whatever their children wish as much as possible. It is because Filipino parents are very loving.

Caution parents: You should be able to make sure that your children’s Christmas stockings are hanged inside your doors and not outside. Why? You might end up staring at your neighbors’ children trying to figure out if those are the stockings of your children. Or, you may just want to convince yourself that maybe you bought stockings from the same store.

Adrian Francis S. Bustos, Entry #2

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