Thursday, December 8, 2011

Stress in the City

Who knew? 
 During exams, while studying for that exam, while thinking about studying for my exam, I pull out my hair. It has been a trait that I have had since I could remember. Recently, when I get stressed about thinking of the shadow of the bar exam which my friends are taking, I unconsciously pull out strands of my already short hair.

Upon one of my escapism times, when I was watching Body of Proof, I made a discovery. This hair pulling , according to the show (and according to google and wikipedia as well), is called trichotillomania. I wont necessarily go to the doctor to have myself examined but maybe I have to have someone slap my hands away from my noggin from time to time or rather, all the time till 2012.


The format was changed this year to multiple choice. The advancement of technology has really shaken up not only the cyber world but also the real world. What makes me so agitated is the uncertainty of it all, its as if, if I can speak my mind, its doubly hard. Will it be September or November? Will it still be multiple choice next year? Would they extend the time as well?


Since first year, I have been a regular volunteer for the bar operations. Not only for the spirit of volunteerism and for the love of UP Law, but also to learn and to know what goes on behind the background and be familiar with the mechanics and the territory. Now, I wouldn’t even know how it works. Its not going to be held in LaSalle but in UST. Scary, daunting and totally intimidating.


So now, I am planning how I can lessen my stress and I am hunting for the perfect planner to help me in this somber quest. I would want to have hair left when I take the bar.


By Trisha Isabelle F. Fernandez Entry #02

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