Thursday, December 8, 2011

ISDB-TV in the Philippines

This Christmas, I wanted to give my parents a gift. I thought to myself, certainly, after decades of providing for me and my brother, they deserved something from me. After weeks of agonizing, I finally decided on getting them a television...then I realized that it has been a long time since the last time I have been involved in television shopping. When I got to the shop, I was overwhelmed by the many new types of television out there: from LCD to LED-tech to straight-out LED. I was also surprised to learn that today's televisions are no longer mere, well, televisions. Apparently, they now double as computer monitors and karaoke machines! But the feature that surprised me the most was today's television's ability to detect digital, as opposed to analog, signals. Apparently, this technology is not new. Japan has been using digital signals to broadcast their television programs for years, and in the Philippines SkyCable has been slowly introducing the "digibox" to Filipino households. So what is all the fuss with ISDB-TV? Two things: superior image quality and crystal clear audio. This feature got me excited, so I asked a salesman why only one specific model has this technology installed. His answer did not surprise me: it is because although the technology has been around for years, the National Telecommunications Commission effectively prevents its implementation by not promulgating the implementing rules and regulations that would govern its deployment. At that point, I shook my head, and under my breath I muttered: a perfect example of policy hindering the advancement of technology.

--Jan Nicklaus S. Bunag, Entry No. 2

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