Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Aakash, the world's cheapest tablet!

India has always been known for it’s amazing connectivity, beating out other giants such as China and Brazil. To complement this strength, they Indians will be pioneering the record cheapest tablet computer to date, costing an incredible $35. The AAKASH tablet computer will be making the most of the strong connectivity provided with India since it will also be featuring wi-fi technology. It will be launched by DataWind, a British company, with a 100,000 initial copies for students, with many more units to be released in the next few months. Before the AAKASH, the other serious competition was the Amazon’s KindleFIre which costs $199 as compared to Apple’s iPad.

This project is part of their nations new policy of bridging the public’s connectivity with technology with devices such as mobile phones and the internet. From 2000-2010, the number of connected individuals has increased 15 fold. However as of this date that number is only 8% of the population, as opposed to the 40% of China. The concentration of purchasers only belong to the wealthier sector, which is why even if India is the fastest growing market with 19 million subscribers every month, they are only concentrated on the upper section of the economic pyramid. The AAKASH will be using the Google Android functionality. Despite the promise of providing affordable technology over wider markets, critics are pessimistic claiming that the product will have a very mediocre touch screen and will be very slow. For $35 however, how can anyone complain?

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