Sunday, October 9, 2011


This student has written a number of times for this last blog entry, only to highlight the same and paste it to her final paper instead. So, she is now left with nothing written and without a topic. In the websites she frequents in search of a topic, its technology parts are still flooded with entries pertaining to the genius that Steve Jobs was. Although this student has nothing against him, in fact she has developed a particular liking to the products that his company created, she simply does not want to write a farewell entry (pun intended) about him.

In the past entries, she has constantly pushed for legislation affording more protection to intellectual property owners, in view of a fast-evolving technology that easily antiquates existing laws on the matter. However, in drafting answers to the exam, she has come to the realization that more protection does not necessarily make it a better policy. A better one entails a balancing and consideration of competing interests such as, but not limited to, 1) first world creators vs third world users; 2) fair use vs property right; 3) free speech vs censorship.

Although this student feels for the struggling artists, inventors and the like, she similarly recognizes the plight of the Filipinos, who are most unfortunately the users (ie., the perpetrators of violations of intellectual property rights).

In spite of the desire to write more about the topic, her busy hands, which keep highlighting sentences written here, cutting and pasting the same in her exam, prevents her from doing so.

So, now the time has come for me to say my parting words. Goodbye Steve Jobs. Goodbye blog. ;)

Entry # 16 by D. Lauron

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David said...

It was nice having read you blog :)