Sunday, October 9, 2011

How to harass an ex

I've heard many stories of ex-boyfriends or girlfriends using the internet to harass their exes. A friend of mine had even asked my advice about what she should do about her ex-boyfriend who would e-mail her threats and censures. Sometimes he would even e-mail her friends and colleagues and sully her reputation. He used to stalk her on Facebook until the site allowed for stringent security measures regarding privacy. Indeed, the internet has become a useful tool for the stalkers and the bitter. I can only imagine how bad other people get it.

This woman in the UK, Luminita, was sent an email by her former husband, Josef Marin. When she clicked the attachment, however, the video attached turned out to be pretty gruesome, it was a video of a half-naked women being kicked by a group of men. Not long after, a man stood over her and dropped a concrete block on her head. The message that came with the attachment was to the effect that this was how the Old Testament recommended that adulterous women be treated. He also added 'Thank Jesus. He will destroy.' That's the way to go, if you're a total douche - quoting the Bible to strike fear into the heart of the 'erring' Christian.

Thankfully, he was sentenced to suspended nine-month jail sentence, a three-year restraining order and put on a three-month curfew. Now I wonder what a Filipino would get when he does something like this?

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On the subject of penalties, the couple behind the infamous "crush videos" had been caught in La Union last August. Dorma "Chita" Ridon and Vicente Ridon is a Filipino couple who had been making "crush videos" - videos which featured young women mutilating and torturing animals to death. They cut off rabbits' ears, poked stiletto heels into dogs' eyes and cut off legs or crushed the heads of other animals. These videos were sold over the net for $80-200 per download to fetishists who got off seeing such cruelty.

They were charged with child abuse under RA 7610 and violations against the animal welfare act RA 8485 - BUT!! they were released on bail. Great.

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