Sunday, October 9, 2011


While I was researching for my ICT Final Paper I came across this page []. The Southern District Court of Ohio has an ELECTRONIC FILING of Pleadings (ie, Complaints, Answers, Position Papers etc.) I found it cute and depressing at the same time. In light of my OLA experience especially with regard to the filing of pleadings either by personal delivery or registered mail, this would just really save time, promote honesty in terms of filing dates. It would allow lawyers to file their pleadings in the luxury of their own offices without needing to go to the post office, it would likewise save on paper (less carbon foot print), and it would prompt honesty ---leaving no room for antedating of mails. It would allow easy retrieval of court files too. I was thinking, we should have been the ones who thought of it first. We need it, it’s a necessity in the current situation of our judiciary system. For a very creative bunch we should brush up on our inherent innovation skills. Think about it, the savings we could have on office supplies and time.

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