Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Computer Addiction and the Law

Computers are undeniably necessary in this generation. Almost everything runs with the help of computers. However, there is much more than meets the eye. The normal use of computers is generally not harmful. Unfortunately, many are abusing it that they unknowingly develop an addiction.

One thing I found strange with our laws is that there is no regulation with regard to the use of computers. Sure, there are laws which prohibit and criminalize certain activities such as hacking and others which refer to "external" effects but I haven’t seen any law (yet) which deals with the "internal" effects, particularly the negative effects to the user.

I know of a girl who was an internet addict. She spends several hours surfing the internet about beauty stuff that girls usually go to. She is quite intelligent, having passed the UPCAT and is currently a student in UP Diliman. However, her parents noticed that her behavior changed when she started spending too much time online. They say she is easily irritated and has been depressed for months now.

Also, I know of a guy who was addicted to computer games so much that he does not study anymore. The guy was intelligent and was even studying in one of the best universities in the country but his addiction to gaming was too much that he skipped classes and preferred to just stay in a computer shop. He also participated in “LAN parties” playing games like DotA and Counter Strike which had him awake for several days without breaks. He was obviously expelled from that school.

The examples above are just a few where we see lives impacted negatively by computer addiction. I just realized that there should be some kind of regulation that should be done here. I know that there might be some privacy and enforcement issues here. Laws which can't be enforced are basically useless. I also don't prescribe adopting a policy which allows the government to monitor the population's computer usage. I just believe that something should be done though I'm not yet quite sure what it might be.

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John Joseph Parco

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We need a new ecological movement to lobby such regulations. And in fact it is already started - see