Wednesday, June 29, 2011

From Big Guns to Sleek Gadgets

If you think an iPad (or any other tablet device) is just for entertainment and ‘information on the go’ . I suggest you think, or should I say tap again.

Just recently the Singapore’s Defense Ministry announced its plans to issue the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) 8,000 sets of tablet devices, to its military recruits starting November this year. According to the report, this is to "harness our advantage of today's technologically savvy servicemen" by "exploiting the use of popular and current information and communications technology." The device's camera can be used to send photos and videos to share intelligence data and for post-mission assessments. It would also allow for group chats and live messages to commanders or other battalions. (

“This changes everything. Again.”

Back in the days, no one would have ever thought that such devices can be used for the military. In fact, can we imagine the AFP holding IPads and rifles at the same time? Probably not in a million years. But with today’s technology, a lot of things that seemed absurd and unheard of come alive. As early as 2010, the UK Military has adopted the iPad for training its soldiers. And today, special applications for military use are being worked on with third parties not only in Singapore but also in the United States as well (e.g. SoldierEyes by Textron Systems).

The recent developments in military tactics only proves that the use of tablet computer technology is not anymore limited for the gadget-hungry mass consumers looking for ways to entertain themselves. It has evolved into a different game altogether involving the government. Tablet military warfare anyone?

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