Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I recently received an e-mail advertisement, with an 88% discount on a purchase that I for that matter really, really want. I mean I’d kill for this deal. So impulsively I purchased it subject to payment. So there I was proud purchaser “to-be” figuring out way how I would be able to pay for that purchase. They provided for several modes of payment: credit card, paypal, g-cash remittance, etc. Right easy enough, hassle-free shopping at a discount. Nice!

But as a law student after 30 minutes or so of blissful daydreaming of my soon to be purchase, sweet bliss turned sour. I think our minds while in law school are hot wired to think of the worst scenarios of things. Something like studying really hard for class, going in confident for having read the material twice, but then when you get through the doors you start to panic and start to see yourself not being able to answer the first question and that is even before you see your professor. I was distressed because I was thinking whether or not the ad or the purchase for that matter is legit. What if it is just a scam? What if I pay and the establishment will not honor it and provide a very lame excuse? Not so hassle-free after all.

Then it got me to thinking is there a law out there that will protect me as a buyer? Shouldn’t there be a law addressing this concern especially in this day and age? Fraud and security concerns in relation to on-line purchasing is a great concern that our lawmakers must address.

So I started reading on RA 8792 (Philippine E-Commerce Law) to find out whether my rights are covered and moreover protected. My initial reading tells me our law does not cover all the areas and peculiarities of on-line purchasing, it didn’t help to ease my concern at all.

This is so not hassle-free?


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