Thursday, June 30, 2011

Considering Technology Downtimes

Last week 2 typhoons successively hit Metro Manila, thus resulting in suspension of classes.

We closed the windows and went out to grocery shop, also as an attempt to avoid getting our vehicle submerged because we were also victimized by typhoon "Ondoy" before.

When we got home, my laptop was wet, even though it was in the 2nd floor, apparently the roof leaked.

Luckily, it's turned off, and we've noticed before that techy stuff survives water, as long as it is dried off completely before it is turned on.

After blow-drying my laptop for 3 days before turning it on, it survived! haha.

Other than that, our printer, 11 months old, due to heavy usage (of printing law stuff at my dad's office - he's the proprietor) is already retiring, subject to repairing the roller(?) worth another P2k (another printer price), but it's still working, if the photo printing option is used, however it takes about 1 minute for each page.

I decided to blog about this because while printing some stuff for school earlier, one of my dad's staff asked if she can print already something needed for the office and I said "patience please" and another staff commented, "wow, you used to be the one so impatient when printing!"

Technology has made our life better but we over-estimate its powers that sometimes we don't take into consideration technology down times. Printing multitudes by itself takes up lots and lots of time.

Since time is very limited, and we always have so many things to do, my personal tendency is to skip sleep and drink energy drinks and/ or espresso shots.

Sometimes while doing that, the printer or computer overheats on me, and it feels like, "hey dude! I'm the sleep-deprived one here! don't be the one to break down!"

It's just ironic that we say when we're pressed to give multiple outputs in so little time, that we're not "machines."

Even machines, have down times.

Humans and machines should rest. hahaha.

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