Thursday, June 23, 2011

a mental hiccup

Let me begin by saying that I’m a frustrated artist.

I’ve always claimed that I have an eye for the arts but never had a hand for it. And so I spent my teenage years just looking at my kuya’s portfolio…from still life to abstract to portrait to nude sketches. Ah yes, the nudes. They laid bare the truth that my untrained fingers were only meant for flipping through art portfolios=I They showed me body contours and led me to my life’s detour to law. The figures’ speech to me: forget fine arts.

And then I met Photoshop. After some time, I began saying that the mouse is my paintbrush, photoshop is my canvas, and is my gallery. Through them, I conceptualize, I click, I create. I call it improvised creativity, with a little help from my techie implements. Technology does not only create a personalized world but it hands you tools to craft your makeshift space better.

I may have never gotten into Fine Arts...but in my little virtual world, I can be a Picasso after a dozen of clicks.

Crisela Bernardino (entry #1)

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