Thursday, March 1, 2012


Yesterday, the most awaited results of the Bar exam was released by the Supreme Court. Barristers from different law schools were eagerly awaiting the announcement. Many were very hopeful for a favourable result especially when it was announced prior to the release of results that the national passing rate is quite high. In fact, it was said that the rate (31.95%) for 2011 Bar Exams is the second highest passing rate in the history of bar examinations in the country. The result is second only to the highest passing rate of 1954 which was 75.17%.

The Top 10 among the examiners were also released by the Supreme Court. Three Ateneo de Manila students made it on the list. San Beda College, Arellano University and University of Sto. Tomas also were represented. The University of the Philippines however, has no student who made it on the top ten examiners which has urgently became a sensationalized issue among the University of the Philippines College of Law community. There are those who are dismayed by the fact that no student from the premier Law School in the Philippines who made it on the list, but there are also those who are more than happy that the passing rate of the College of Law reached 94% for batch 2011 and almost 90% for all takers from the U.P. College of Law.

This author does not want to sound sour-graping and bitter due to the fact that no UP Law student made it in the top ten list but to reiterate and resonate the feeling of many, higher passing rate is more important than the number of students among the top ten examiners (although it would be nicer to see familiar names in the list). Furthermore, this author firmly believes that the measure of one’s greatness as a legal practitioner is not simply measured by exam results. Ultimately, success will depend on the person himself; his dedication, commitment and work ethics will all have to be factored in to the equation.

Despite the fact that no UP Law graduate made it on the Top Ten List, my respect for this institution and its educators who are untiringly keeping up with the age old tradition of making great lawyers by teaching law in the grand manner has never wavered even for a bit.

With this, my warmest and most sincere CONGRATULATIONS to all bar passers!! GOOD JOB!

Danjun Lucas

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