Wednesday, March 14, 2012


When death becomes a wanted friend, the foe must be a terrifying one.

The Internet can be a terrifying foe. By itself, it is largely a neutral arena. But in the hands of an individual or a group of people motivated by nothing but acrimony, the Internet can be wielded in such a manner it transforms into the scythe of death.

A ‘cyberbully’, more often than not, has no intentions of inflicting death. However, depending on the emotional disposition of the targeted victim, the words or actions of the cyberbully may lead the victim to seek death as the ultimate deliverance. When untimely death, or even emotional distress, is caused by cyberbullying, the malice of some coupled with the immense reach of the Internet creates an incomparable foe like no other.

What cyberbullying does is to animate the terrifying foe inside the mind of an individual unto the Internet and transforming the Internet into another terrifying foe of an unimaginable attitude. And perhaps that is how to beat cyberbullying: by tempering the foe inside the minds of so many before it spills over into the Internet.

Let this be our way of joining the fight against this foe.

Aldan S. Avila and Nathan Marasigan, Entry No. 13

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