Thursday, March 8, 2012

iPad 3, Launched!

2 AM Manila time today, 08 March 2012 Apple, in an event in San Francisco launched its newest innovation to its Tablet, iPad. Apple keeps the lion share in the tablet market according to the recent surveys against its closest competitors Samsung Galaxy tabs, Motorola Zoom and Kindle.

When Apple released its first tablet, iPad1, Apple fanatics went crazy. Much fuzz was generated. Many are claiming that the release of iPad in 2010 (this author agrees) started the craze we have now for tablet computers. Two years after the release of the first Aplle tablet computer iPad, a third generation model will be out in the Market come 16 March 2012 in selected countries. The new and improved iPad prior to its release has been one of the most talked about product in several internet sites and forums. Speculations as to the actual improvements surfaced, whether accurate, credible or not. Many even speculated that since there were talks that SIRI, an exclusive feature introduced in iPhone 4s, the new iPad will not be called iPad 3 but iPad 2s.

Nevertheless, speculations ended when formally, Apple through CEO Tim Cooks formally launched their newest product that will surely once again change the cyber landscape for the better. Ipad 3’s newest features include a screen resolution greater than a high definition TV, along with a host of other upgrades.

The retina display - with so many pixels that they cannot be seen with a naked eye - was the most significant advance on the current model according to AAPL News. Apple'sPhil Schiller said the resolution would be 2048 x 1536 pixels on a 9.7in screen.

"That's over 3.1 million pixels - the most ever in a mobile device. The iPad shows over a million more pixels than your HDTV. Everything you do is going to look stunning," he said.

To drive the display the iPad will come with a quad-core A5X graphics chip. It will also have a 5 Megapixel iSight camera capable of recording HD video and has image stabilisation.

The iPad 3 weighs just over 600g, is just 9.4mm thick and with a claimed 10-hour battery life. "Tim Cook said they have sold more iPads than any company has sold PCs. It's a reflection on the changing nature of society. We want these devices, instant connection and in the case of the iPad we want it bigger and nicer."

The revamp will set a new bar for the growing tablet market. According to research by technology analyst Forrester the iPad already has a 73% market share. Samsung, in second place, has just 5%. Jason Jenkins, editor of CNET UK, said the iPad's competitors are "just not good enough". "Apple hasn't got anything to worry about. They understand what makes a product desirable. "They weren't the first to make a tablet, but they were the first to make a good tablet." (SKYNews/

In the Philippines, the Philippine Mac Users Group chairman Elbert Cuenca said Thursday that Apple's new iPad heralds a new era in computing. "Apple is signaling a shift from desktop computers to tablets. It seems they want us to get used to the idea that these are the things that will replace what we know as computers".

According to Cuenca, groundbreaking technology such as the retina display accelerates the iPad further into the mainstream. He said the retina display makes watching movies, playing games and viewing photos a better experience. While he admitted that taking photos using a tablet still looks stupid, Cuenca said doing it with the new iPad is now more acceptable "because you have a great camera on it." (ANC News)

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