Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Don't believe everything you see online.

Not everything you see or hear online is true. Not all the people you meet can be trusted. There are cyberpredators looking to take advatage of your naivete. Some people hide viruses, worms or bots which will attack your computer, sometimes even in links which point out your computer's vulnerabilities. Some forms asking for your information, no matter how legitimate, are actually used for phishing and identity theft. And don't even get us started on all the links, emails and advertisements promising that you won something. As the Filipinized English saying goes, "It's true good to be true."

You've seen and heard all about the shit people say. However, shit doesn't just come out, it also goes in. Here's a video of shit that people actually believe online.

ICT class video, group #1
Video by Christine Gomez, Daniel Luis Convocar, Christopher Columna
With thanks to "actors" Tony Oposa, Doms Obias and Rex Regis

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