Wednesday, March 14, 2012

On Cyber bullying.

I remember back in elementary school, bullying meant being harassed face to face-whether physically or verbally. What was essential was that the bullying had to be done in your presence, or with you being physically there. Nowadays the term bullying has moved on to an entirely different sphere-cyberspace. In many ways the bullying that occurred back in my day was much more tolerable.

Why? Bullied kids back then had the weekend away from school so they had some respite from their tormentors. Victims of cyberbullying, meanwhile, have no refuge. The harassment is constant and may be done through SMS or websites. What’s worse is the information spreads like wildfire and is often very difficult to remove.

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage in cyberbullying as opposed to traditional bullying is the difficulty of attributing the wrong to a single person. No one specific person can be held accountable. Punishing those responsible for the offense become problematic thus there is absolutely no deterrent for the abusive behavior.

It is in light of this problem that my partner (Aldan Avila) and I chose to make this video on cyber-bullying. Consider it our contribution in the fight against this growing problem : )

Nathan J. Marasigan and Aldan Avila, Entry No. 13

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