Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Same, but Different

If there is one thing that cannot describe student politics in the University of the Philippines, it is the word boring. Year in and year out, neatly-dressed (well, most of them) individuals of various personalities with funny tag lines make their way around their respective colleges.

For candidates vying for University-wide positions, the task is even harder since they have to campaign in all of the colleges in the campus. This particular year, nostalgia hit me as I realized that some things never ever change. (by the time I graduate, I would have spent a decade of my life as a student in UP Diliman)

Things like, creating a tag line. Given the number of classrooms that they have to enter and the limited time they have (usually around 5 mins) each candidate has to leave a lasting impression or name recall. This is usually done by coining a funny quip to say at the end of the spiel.

The passion of students supporting their respective parties also never diminishes. As familiar faces come and go, there is always some party member who appears ready to go to war for the party they represent.

Black propaganda is also something that has been part of the culture of UP Politics. Although it is roundly condemned by the University, the fact of the matter is all political parties engage in it at one time or another. Particularly if they are threatened by a seemingly strong candidate.

This year saw the first transgender USC chairperson. Mr./Ms. Gabriel "Heart" Dino won by around 500 votes over the next candidate. This year also produced an openly bisexual vice-chairperson. The win of these two candidates is a big step forward for the LGBT movement in and out of the university. By having the incoming chair and vice chair of the premiere State University among their ranks, the plight of this sector will surely be given its share of the spotlight. Oh, and for the first time in a long time, STAND-UP is the minority party. It would be interesting to observe the working dynamics of the next student council.

Hmm... perhaps some things do change.

Norman Roland E. Ocana III, Entry # 10

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