Thursday, March 1, 2012

hAPPiness #4: free 2D platform games

My iPod Touch is probably the most "boring ever" in existence because I refuse to put in games, for two reasons: one, the really good ones are expensive, and two, they will distract me. One time, I spent four hours (before CivPro class) playing Ice Tycoon, one of those speed and muscle memory games where you try to keep your customers happy, get their orders right, and on time.

I like ChopChop Ninja by Gamerizon. It's very nostalgic of Mario, it's 2D, try to save the Princess, and you only use one finger to tap tap the screen. Problem though is that my pointer gets tired and I can't always control the tiny ninja dude.

But Nathan and I love Bad Apples by Metaversal Studios. One should just try to stack the same types of fruits/veggies/objects with really cute faces such as the grinning orange pineapple and the big bug-eyed cherry tomato and then juice them up. We of course hate the bad apples. Going up each level, one gets rewards like a fruit salad, easy as apple pie, and other fruity names. It's addicting that I finished the Puzzle feature.

Verdict: Do not download any of the games if you do not want to waste time -- a lot of time.

Mary Rhauline Lambino, Entry No. 11.

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