Thursday, March 1, 2012

The best summer vacation at your fingertips

Good morning sunshine! Wow! That is a very warm greeting there. Everyday, this is what most of us would be waking up to, well, maybe a yawn and a last 5 minute snooze. But yes, we would all be waking up to warmer mornings. But of course, it's summer time! It's that time of the year when we get shorter nights, warmer mornings and even warmer afternoons.  It also happens to be the best time to go to the beach. And while most people would by now have planned their perfect getaways, we in law school are stuck with reading voluminous cases and commentaries. But not to worry now because even with maybe just weekend to plan, we can now get the best deals and plan the perfect vacation. Well, thank God for the Internet. Now, you can book plane tickets and place hotel reservations online.

Some might say, "Well, you can do all that only if you have plenty of cash." Not necessarily. A lot of airline companies, resorts and travel agencies are offering good deals online.  A lot of groupon sites like Metrodeal, Ensogo, Dealspot, and others are offering big discounts.  And all we have to do is read. We know patience and perseverance are two of the most important virtues in law school, well they also come in handy outside law school.  I'm definite that most of us have already honed good researching skills be it for missing cases, missing articles, missing digests, or missing crushes.  Thus, with great research skills, and with the ever so helpful Google, we can find the best deals there are for this summer. 

Just a word of caution though, caveat emptor. Just like in real life, not all people are nice and honest so be careful. Extra ordinary diligence might be the most appropriate standard of diligence.  Check for reviews, and call for clarifications. An additional 10 minute of double checking would not hurt. Happy summer, everyone!  

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