Thursday, March 8, 2012

Netizens strike again! This time in a good way, against racism!


The above proposed cover drew protests from various netizens on social media after FHM released what it said would be its March 2012 cover, featuring fair-skinned Bela Padilla "stepping out of the shadows," that is, dark-skinned models. People all over the net lashed out at what they said was a racist portrayal.

Being a dark-skinned Filipino, I actually agree. Pinoys as a race, perhaps due to the strong remaining colonial mentality, have always favored the fair-skinned Caucasians and those of mixed species than their own kayumanggi brethren. What I find the funniest, and saddest, at the same time is that Filipinos make fun of their own fellow Filipinos by virtue of their color. Although not acceptable, it is actually more understandable to have "whites" segregate against "blacks" because they come from a different race, different heritage, culture, etc. Filipinos bash their own countrymen, not due to race, but due to complexion. Once again, I can probably trace this to another stereotypically Filipino trait - crab mentality.

It is refreshing to see that slowly, at least based on social media, Filipinos are starting to move on. One of our professors in UP Law, Prof. Owen Lynch, has mentioned that he no longer considers himself an American, but rather, a citizen of the world. The power of the internet and telecommunication has brought us all together, and there are practically no more barriers between cultures, races and nationality. It's time that we abandon these archaic mentalities and move forward with the rest of the world.

Technology is a double-edged sword. As much as people are using it to perpetrate crimes, spread perversion and cause injustice in some instances, I'd like to think that the internet and current technology are still, for the most part, used for good - for the sharing of information and the continued advancement of the human race.

Bela Padilla New FHM

Here's the second cover which actually hit the stands, obviously rushed because it's not up to snuff with the common over-photoshopped  magazine covers we've become used to. But then again, that's a different point of discussion.

Entry #10
Daniel Luis Convocar

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