Thursday, November 20, 2008

Beyond Purpose and Potential

Some months ago, the Nintendo Wii found a purpose beyond just simply fun and games in the life of a friend, who had encountered a life-changing accident some three years ago. Doctors told us that he would probably never walk again, but this we just refused to believe.

After over a year of painful rehabilitation only to be able to sit up and recover partial use of his arms, we were beginning to lose hope, but we held on and sought answers in places never though of. After long hours of research and countless consultations, we held our breaths and turned to the Wii as an alternative form of rehabilitation.

Today, almost a year after our friend began swinging, shaking, and stepping in all directions imaginable using the Wii and its component parts, he is able to get up and about even, albeit aided. Medical experts are in awe at his progress and have attributed a lot of this success to persistent rehabilitation and yes, our little experiment of using the Wii.

Lesson learned? Well, technology must not scare us. Instead, we must see beyond what it patently offers us and use it ingeniously to achieve its true potential.

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