Thursday, November 20, 2008

YouTube president

Signs of the times.

US president-elect Barack Obama will continue using the popular internet video site YouTube to reach out directly to voters. Obama, who built a part of his campaign on the Internet, promised to make his administration more open and interactive, offering a detailed look of what's going on in the White House on a given day or asking people to post comments on his legislative proposals. The Miami Herald observes: " YouTube, which wasn't a factor in politics until 2006, proved a cheap, powerful, and effective tool for Obama. It drew more than 110 million viewers for his 1,800 campaign-related videos."

I won't be surprised if our local politicians, some of which are riding the Obama bandwagon to launch their own presidential campaigns, will adopt the same strategy for the 2010 elections and beyond. Nothing wrong with that. I am actually excited about the prospect of being able to make more informed decisions about my country's future using the Internet.

'tis the age of multimedia. I like!

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