Thursday, November 20, 2008

Location, Location, Location

A favorite mantra of real estate agents is “location, location, location.” In terms of setting up a business, the location of a storefront or an office can be of immense consequence to any commercial venture. An address such as “6750 Ayala Avenue” can mean so much more than a physical, geographical site. It can be definitive of one’s clientele and industry status. With the advent of online opportunities available to entrepreneurs, actual “location” can now become a non-factor. Anybody with access to a decent computer has the chance to offer his products to the global marketplace., for instance, is home to transactions involving people and products that you would normally not find within the same district if such were held outside the virtual world. Unfortunately, this has allowed scammers to make a living out of abusing the anonymity brought by online transactions. Once victimized, an individual may be left with no recourse, legal or non-legal, virtual or otherwise. In contrast, a buyer from a business with a “real world location” is secure in the knowledge that he can always go somewhere and find an actual person to listen to him gripe and make threats to sue.

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