Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The YouTube University

I first heard about YouTube from my colleagues in my former job. They were sending me links which lead to funny video clips stored in the website that really made me laugh. The videos were hilarious but the idea of putting up such kind of website never impressed me. I thought it was just an idea of a fledgling techie who, for want of a better idea, comes up with a website for video storage. But one day, when I was surfing the net, I've decided to tinker with the search bar of YouTube, entering any word I could think of. Eventually, all sorts of video clips appeared before me. I suddenly realized that YouTube is more than what I first thought it was. YouTube actually contains tons of educational materials for all sorts of discipline. From a video recording of a class lecture in linear algebra, or a lecture in a robotics class, or an interview of a US Supreme Court Justice regarding torture down to a demonstration on how to prepare sinigang na hipon.

Of course, YouTube also contains filthy videos that deserves not to be seen. But nothing in this world which is not susceptible to abuse anyway. It really depends on the user and not on the tool.

YouTube really is a work of a genius. In fact, it was hailed in 2006 as the best invention by a popular magazine.

Raymond R. Roque

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