Thursday, November 27, 2008

Me in Media

A few months ago, I read that today’s youth are members of the Me Generation (Yes, Generation X finally grew up). In this new society, individuality is the rule. They have their own opinion and they’re not afraid to post them. Fashion is about finding that online shop that carry unique t-shirts. Music is not conventional but of the distinct sounds of indie bands. The so-called Me Generation is the product of e-media, the merging worlds of technology, the internet and traditional media. While the culture of the previous generation was formed by what was in the radio and television, the Me Generation create their own playlist and download the show they want. They have on-demand supply of their wants – a personalized media powered by the internet. What more, their personalized media can be shared, if they choose to, with the rest of the world. Yes, mainstream still exist, but minestream has become too numerous to disregard. Welcome to the new world order.

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