Tuesday, November 25, 2008

ICT Advocacy

I have always dreamed of bringing the world closer to the people of my home province, Ifugao.
To show a world that would broaden the minds of my fellowmen, to make them be able to discover the diversity of life. To help them gain knowledge from the plethora of sources presented by the internet.

Yet it has been frustrating and it has shown me that my capacity is limited. I always fall short of getting the approval necessary from the provincial government. While I have gained the support of our governor (as we tirelessly raise it in policy deliberations), our Sangguniang Panlalawigan (Provincial Board) always shoots down my proposal.

This however has not disheartened me. Currently, I am looking for means of bringing ICT to our province. I am trying to look at government agencies (i.e DOST) to consider infusing ICT programs in their projects, for technical support as well as infrastructure development. Its hard since I juggle such advocacy with law school but simply put, I just can't let my people be left behind.

Baguilat, Raymond Marvic C. 06-78921
2nd Blog Post 26 November 2008

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