Wednesday, November 19, 2008


What's ICT? Infotech. What do you do there? You have to blog every week, it's one of the main requirements. About what? Anything under the sun? Uh, no, but you can surf the web for any techie topic and blog about that.

So goes my introduction to this course. The exchange bolstered my false confidence that jurassic moi can survive this course. Thus I did not cancel my enlistment even as i had to wait for two whole days to prerog all the other classes that CRS so efficiently unenlisted me from in all three batches of pre-enlistment. So much for the efficiency and convenience of CRS. The experience was a throwback to my undergraduate enlistment days.

A few illustrations of how technologically-challenged I am: (1) I paid for several months of blackberry services for Globe which I inadvertently activated on my old P990i phone; (2) my two older kids (aged 11 and 9) learned how to surf the internet via cellphone the same time I did; (3) I also paid under protest almost three years worth of PLDT myDSL fees which I could not maximize because of poor service connection in our area.

Of course, only I would take that long to figure that out. Now, my husband and kids are so much happier with Bayantel DSL. Not me, though because I still don't know which thingamajig gets plugged where without help.

So today, I lug my trusty laptop to the library to write the blog and to download our readings for tomorrow. Wonder of wonders, I configure all by myself the network preferences without much hassle considering the multitude of airport networks at the College. Then, I found the website in a flash.

Then, I got invited to the groups in no time at all. Except I almost posted in our International Environmental Law blogsite for a moment there. With fingers crossed, I may post this without any more hullabaloo. And maybe, my techie luck is starting to turn. Such that I will not feel so bad when my two-year old son sometimes calls me, "Dinosaur" instead of Mom.

Melissa B. Arabia-Dimaiwat


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