Saturday, November 20, 2010

A blog can be used to go all "emo"

What I used to do with my fingers
(A pencil drawing of my bad finger back when I was angsty)

Since Then

I count time
with my fingers
the cigarettes that I burn
the fine lines that appear on my face
the new songs I hear
the fading of things old

I count time
with my fingers
the ticking of the clock
the calendars and planners
the birthdays that pass
the blurring of memories

I count time
with my fingers.
One, two, three,
four, five, six
seven, eight, nine,
ten, eleven

What I do now with my fingers
(Sufia's tiny feet on my hand)

by: Salma F. Angkaya


Patty Miranda said...

how about edvard munch's "the scream"? :)

Click link for emo x 100.

rsq said...

sino ka?

xalmah said...

Sir, I am so sorry. My name here ("xalmah") is the jejemon version of my real name ("salma" angkaya). I do not mean to cause any inconvenience. Thank you!