Wednesday, November 24, 2010

coffee shop

Before coffee shops were just---well---for coffee. You go there primarily to buy a cup of coffee. Maybe you’ll go with your friends to chat a little or maybe you’ll read a magazine or book of interest. Nowadays, coffee shops are infested with students of all kinds. There are law, medical, masters, doctorate, college and even high school students. In fact, students have become so used to studying in coffee shops that they get easily annoyed when there’s a group of people who can’t keep their voices down.

The modern day coffee shop is now more than just coffee and pastries. It has found a niche market in students with money to burn. To attract more students, coffee shops usually offer free WiFi access. This makes coffee shops even more attractive to students. Choosing a venue for group studies, or group projects has never been so easy. Internet has never been so accessible. As long as you have a laptop, net book, iPad, or even a cellular phone then you’re good to go. Buy a cup of coffee for a hundred bucks and you can enjoy hours of “free” air-conditioning, coffee music, and internet access. This is not bad considering that an hour in a computer shop will cost you around 50 bucks. Of course, it presupposes that you actually pay for your cup of coffee. The author happens to know a guy who’d sit in a table with a used coffee cup and pretend that it’s his so he can study there.

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