Saturday, November 27, 2010

LOOXCIE: One of the 50 Best Inventions of 2010

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SATURDAY EVENING, while fumbling around on the dining table, I stumbled upon TIME Magazine’s November issue (good thing I allowed my wife to subscribe notwithstanding my opposition, what with information scattered all over the net these days). Its headline read: The 50 Best Inventions of 2010. So I checked it out and found Looxcie, a camera worn over your ear. That’s right. It’s an ear-piece camcorder, hence, hands-free. This little device can record up to five hours of everything the USER SEES, and in no time, clips can be shared on the web (i.e. Facebook, Youtube, e-mail). As a parent, I always find myself having a hard time babysitting or organizing (which means a lot of running around) my child’s school events and parties, and at the same time capturing these precious moments. My DSLR just doesn’t give me that convenience that goes with a Looxcie. Also, there are moments at home that happen so fast such that by the time I’m able to set up the DSLR, there’s nothing more to capture. Interestingly, Looxcie was invented by a dad as well who was experiencing the same troubles during parties as I am. For only $199, I am definitely going to consider buying this little baby as a Christmas present.

As its ad suggests "Light, small effortless", a myriad of legal issues can no doubt arise from the improper use of this device. At the forefront is PRIVACY. Also, this little device makes it convenient for criminals to perpetuate crimes such as robbery and kidnapping. We all should keep abreast of developments in technology to protect ourselves and our loved ones. It's not just a matter of being "Techy" or not. The issue has stridden the cobbled streets of SAFETY and SECURITY.

Christopher John P. Lao

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