Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Do I really need to organize?

The bar exams are approaching, and my room is still as messy as it was during my freshman year. The only good change that was added was a blue "princess" crib, along with a very adorable baby inside. The xerox copies of cases still lie waiting in the corner, some read, some not. And again I wonder, do I really need to organize?

I planned on having a drinking binge at Starbucks, to finally have a planner ( my first ever, in my twenty three years of existence ) so I could finally start "organizing" my life, but over the budget expenses and sheer laziness prevented me from doing so. Again I asked myself, do I really need to organize?

I'm the type of person who excels most when pressured, and I think, I always subconsciously induce myself to be at my best by making my room every mother's nightmare. My mother tried to convert me for the first 18 years of my life, finally giving up, when, upon cleaning my room, I flunked an exam. I reasoned out that I wasn't able to find my study materials due to the new arrangements implemented in my room and happily blamed it on the "disorganization" of my room. She resigned there and then in reminding me to clean my room, and avoided invading it ever since. Now that I have my own family and moved out of the house, she said she misses yelling at me every morning and evening to clean my room. See? :D

People usually overlook who a person really is deep inside, judging right away from what is seen in the exterior (in my case, my room). I filled our living room wall with plaques, awards, medals, and achievements, yet the only thing that people notice about me is my room. My room is cluttered, so what? I'm proud of it, because it means that I've been busy trying to improve myself and bring happiness to my parents. It means I've put in a lot of hard work in what i do. It means that I've done a lot to society by being productive.

Now, do I still need to organize?

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