Friday, November 19, 2010

Lost and Incomplete

I woke up this morning panicking. After a minute or so of tarrying in my bed, the first thing I usually do is to check my phone for any new messages. But this morning, I couldn’t find. I checked every possible place in my room where I could have placed it, but to no avail. I instantly felt the paranoia creeping into me. What if someone texted and I couldn’t reply? What if it was school related? What about all the contacts I’ve lost? I felt irritated, and for some strange reason, incomplete.

I eventually found my phone tucked inside my pants which i threw into the laundry basket. But I am sure everyone has gone through the panic of losing a phone. These days, celphones have become more than just a mere luxury. It’s a necessity.

These days, celphones are not just for texting and calling. Manufacturers have added new features to make phones more multi-functional. Consequently our reliance on them have increased. We input our schedules and plans in the calendar. We write our notes. We can even surf the web, and in some cases, do quick research.

So there’s an unwritten rule in our generation. No matter what happens, never, ever, lose your phone.

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