Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mission Possible!


Last Friday, I was introduced to Canvas, a non-stock non-profit organization which aims at promoting Filipino art. I cannot forget how the hairs at the back of my neck stood up while listening to the composition of Noel Cabangon, interpreting a painting which depicted Filipino life. I was in awe. Canvas has achieved a lot, and some of it was through the aid of ICT. Yes, I got amazed with Canvas and with ICT. (Click here for Canvas webpage)

Ironically during the same day, I was also introduced to Tuldok, an all-Filipino animation studio which aims at uniting Filipino animators and artists to create original Filipino content. With the help of ICT (through Google, of course), I found out that our country apparently has been providing outsourced animation for more than two decades already, but is still stuck in a limbo of non-realization of this wonderful intellectual capital. (See a related article here)

In response, Tuldok was formed for the development of this promising industry. Tuldok has already produced a short animated film entitled “Libingan”. What is more interesting is that this short film was done by artists located in different parts of the country. Like Canvas, distance posed no barrier as these artists were nevertheless able to work together through the internet, by sending files through e-mail. The group even boasts of the fact that this film was done with no studio! 

The next day during the weekend, my dawning advocacy in favor of Filipino talent through ICT was capped. I found out at the cinemas that Metanoia, the very first Filipino full-length 3D film, is an official entry to the 2010 MMFF. I was beaming like a child while I watched the trailer. And I thought, with what ICT offers, technology is no longer a challenge. It is actually a catalyst for these Filipino works to flourish. It is likewise a venue for these creations to be promoted and recognized. Canvas and Tuldok are great examples of this.

Two weeks ago, my relationship with ICT was limited to e-mail, YahooNews and Facebook. I don’t even exploit Youtube that much except for Glee purposes. But well, I might just expand that relationship a bit more. Okay, I know I am already embarrassing myself with all this confessions. But hey, ICT has amazed and is continuing to amaze me.

-Phebean Belle A. Ramos, entry #2

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