Friday, November 19, 2010

Dealing with your Mom through ICT

I've been on and off my laptop for the past 24 hours. Finishing a paper to be presented in today's Biennial Conference of the Asian Society of Labour Law required an all-nighter. I'm very sleepy, couldn't even type straight sentences. From Panel 1 in the morning I was bumped off to Panel 3. That meant making a quick dash to parish in my barong to be ninong in the baptism of my tailor's grandson. Much as I wanted to join the family and the other ninongs/ninangs in a simple reception, I had to walk briskly back to Malcolm Theater, to finalize my presentation.

A beep on my blackberry - an SMS from my mom, asking me to go to the airport to buy her a return ticket to Tacloban. I told her no can do. Conference isn't finished yet. Then a barrage of SMS, to book her online (impossible without a credit card or an accredited ATM) or to the nearest ticketing office (too far, closed), to call my brother instead (he's at work and couldn't be disturbed).

BP's rising. Stress levels going up. This has happened before, a lot of times actually. My mom has always depended on me to fix things up, in much the same way I depend on her to take care of my glitches. Here I was again, juggling a full-time job and full academic load, and an extracurricular (conference) I am really interested in. I felt like shouting to the delegate sitting in front of me. Telling her how I felt would surely have hurt her feelings.

Then I remembered a Cebu Pacific offered a third option -- book online, pay over the counter in an accredited bank. A few taps and clicks later my mom was receiving an SMS of her confirmation number and amount due. She could go to the nearest BDO and pay for it herself.

Whew! What a relief. Crisis averted, thanks to ICT.


rsq said...

marc titus what?it better be your complete name

rsq said...

cebreros, if you do not sign in with a complete name-after each entry- we might not be able to credit such in your favor.