Wednesday, November 17, 2010

WOW Philippines!

After eight years of serving its purpose, the top people from the Department of Tourism decided to change the slogan to "Pilipinas Kay Ganda" Raising a lot of eyebrows and inducing a lot of angry and opinionated banging on the keyboards; the people tagged the slogan as boring and stupid pointing out that tourists do not understand Tagalog. Even Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago joined the fray stating that "we cannot just have a beautiful country because everyone says that". After its very short, one day stint as a trending topic in facebook and twitter, the slogan was pulled out.

Now, an inside source tells me that an open invitation has been given to advertisers and copy writers around the country asking them to "donate" ideas as to what the new slogan can be. A lot of people wants to simply append an adjective in front of 'Philippines' such as: Amazing Thailand or Incredible India. Some even wanted to tap Pacquiao's continuing popularity (Pacquiao Philippines? Pow Philppines!).

Any ideas?

Whatever they decide to choose, I agree that Wow Philippines is indeed outdated and I think that the foreigners also don't get the humor behind that idea. The tourism of Philippines should be focused on and I'm glad that the Department of Tourism realized the need to change the slogan. Although the first attempt was an ultimate fail, I hope that someone comes up with a killer idea soon without any future intention of claiming it as their intellectual property (except for bragging rights).

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xalmah said...

What is the humor behind Wow Philippines?