Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Googling me

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... or maybe sometimes I hope I'm being watched.

Once in a while, I google my name (I won't even bother hyperlinking google). Unlike most of the words and phrases i type into the google search bar, I type in my name (first name + maiden surname; nickname + maiden surname; maiden name only; first name + married surname ... i suppose you can imagine the succeeding permutations) and then click on 'search' to see what 'others' would see if they typed in my name. By 'others' I am referring to either and/or any of the following:

1) my exes who I'm either trying to avoid, guiltifying (the word actually exists in slang lingo), or "regrettifying" (poetic license employed here)
2) my exes' girlfriend or wife who I'm trying to "envify" (poetic license employed again)
3) future employers I'm still considering, especially those that are particular about doing background checks (e.g. the DFA, the NICA, etc.)
4) my parents, relatives and other conservative persons who I wouldn't want to learn about my "extra-curricular activities" (like being at the wrong place at the wrong time doing wrong things)
5) my friends/colleagues who I'd like to impress (especially high school classmates)

"As if", right?

The reason I do this is because I'm one of the persons listed above - although the other way around. Yes, I also type in the name of my exes, my exes' girlfiend/wife, my students, my parents and relatives, and my friends.

I hate it when their names are too common (too many hits).

I love it when I uncover gossipworthy info.

I hate it when I see bad stuff about my family (like when I had to contact one of my mom's students to delete a blog entry because of certain "classified" info in it).

I love it when I "cyber-get-to-know" people through blog links, exams passed, etc.

I get excited when impressive information about me appears (like passing the LAE haha)

I get paranoid when I realize that I've posted my contact information over the internet. Or information that tends to show a "dark" side of me. Like when I posted a copy of one of my hate letters (consumer complaint) in my blog that I actually sent earlier. After I deleted it, the letter can still be accessed through cache.

I'm actually paranoid about this class blog and this particular entry.

My name is not common. Any person who types in my name will be linked to either me, or to Salma Hayek. Wait, I'm not claiming to be as famous as Salma Hayek. She's famous, and links about her appear unless my name is placed between quotation marks.

I think googling myself in the net says a lot about my ego (and my state of mind). How common is it anyway?

*pauses to check Google, types in "google own name"...*

Yep. It's not uncommon (So this blog entry must be really boring. But it's almost done so I'll post it anyway.). Anyway, for related topics about googling one's own name, check out this blog entry.

Do you google your own name? If you haven't, maybe you should try it now.

Salma F. Angkaya
Entry #2


Rachelle Ann T. Mayuga said...

*raises hand*
YES to all of the above!

I google myself for similar reasons! And nothing beats the thrill of learning oh-so-random info about not-so-random people :)

Salma Angkaya said...

Weee!!! I'm not the only stalker - law student hahaha!!

Just kidding Rach!