Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Let's Start Blogging

Let’s start blogging.

I am new to this but I am positive. I have thought of a few benefits to convince my not-so-used-to-blogging self that this will be a productive task, or at least a fun one. I just wish I got these benefits right. Anyway, in the next few weeks, we will see.

First, blogging is a venue for unrestricted personal expression. In short, freedom. It promotes creativity, communication, and free transfer of information. It helps people reveal insights which may not properly be revealed in other venues. What we blog reflects our core. We all need to express ourselves, don’t we?

Second, blogging is an inexpensive hobby. It may be done while leisurely surfing the net and will not entail additional cost other than our usual internet bill.

Third, blogging offers opportunity for business. We can post advertisements for entrepreneurial purposes. It’s a proven market place for those wanting to sell, buy or scout for merchandise. We can do serious matters in the main, but we can always do business on the side.

Fourth, blogging keeps us connected. It is an effective way to bridge the gap created by diverse daily schedules between people. People are kept updated of another person’s dealings and events at their most convenient time. They don’t even need not to be online at the same time.

Finally, blogging has entertainment value. It is visually and verbally attractive. Words are constructed and ideas are exchanged while pictures and illustrations emphasize the author’s main points.

I hope to get the most of what I can get from blogging. I will treat it as a skill to be developed. In the meantime, let’s start blogging. :-)

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rsq said...

yes, and keep us entertained.