Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Live Show(ing)

"It will be educational for all the rest of the participants and the people..."

To this effect was President Noynoy Aquino's statement about his suggestion of putting the Maguindanao Massacre Trials into live coverage. That's right. This is not about some other "live show" you might have in mind. This is about that unforgivable bloody incident which put the Philippines in the Hall of Shock and Shame. And yes, shame on your overly curious imagination; but anyway, my apologies for bursting your bubble.

Last night, primetime news informed the Filipino public about President Noynoy's intention of requesting Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona to make the trial available to everyone through live viewing. The idea is laudable, especially taking into account the President's intentions in implementing it. In fact, he may have overseen the other possible and more praiseworthy objectives of the proposal.

Yes, a live coverage on the trial is educational, especially to law students and law practitioners alike who may not have the opportunity to personally attend the hearing but who will nevertheless be given the chance to witness the litigation taking place. It is also informative, as it will serve as an update to those who religiously follow the developments of the case, as well as enlightenment to those who are less aware but who intend to catch up.

A less jaded and probably the most humane purpose of such a live feed is that it gives each citizen a real chance at upholding justice. After all, we have the press and network stations to disseminate a blow-by-blow account of the trial. The Filipino people will get to see everything, and in the process, will get to act as effective watchdogs of justice, no longer blinded by the high walls nor prevented by the limited accommodations of a courtroom.

Last night's news on the matter lasted barely three minutes. But I can clearly remember my resolve immediately giving the President a virtual two-thumbs up. The objective might not be so novel, but putting it into action by taking advantage of what technology offers is another thing. This is especially because it involves one very important trial, one which involves a larger-than-life quest for truth. One which will definitely change--ruin or vindicate--lives, forever.

-Phebean Belle A. Ramos, entry #1

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