Thursday, January 5, 2012

Applied Gadgetry Series: Blackberry Curve 9360

Early 2010, my working friends have been insisting that I get a Blackberry (BB), which I put off because as a law student and with the many promos offered by my provider all I really needed was a phone that could text and call. However, when my best friend was about to move to Barcelona, I was forced to get one -- and considering that many of my very close friends were spread all over the world, BB Messaging (BBM) is free with the BB service.

My second BB is the BB 9360, which I adore because it's very sleek -- only 11mm thick, 99g as light as a feather, dimensions at 109x66mm -- and it is just roughly P16,000.

The interface with RIM's OS7 is very clear and sharp and the new processor is definitely faster than the old OS6.

There are two things I absolutely love about the BB though:

First, it syncs everything that I use on a daily basis in google's web products: contacts, email, and calendar. As the popular adage goes, in today's day and age, information is power!

Second, the BB is magical in everything messaging: email, text and multimedia messaging, and chat. If you are big on social networking too, Twitter and Facebook are also consolidated. The best part is that multimedia can be sent through BBM as part of the BB services.

I have, however, a couple of unexplored features: one, there is supposed to be a Voice-Search system, which is supposed to match iPhone's Siri; and two, maps and other apps. I have a map of Metro Manila in my car and I am actually good at directions so there was never an opportunity. As for the other BB apps, I think Apple knocked out RIM on this matter. I still use my iPod for apps I constantly use (e.g., the Bible, dictionaries, Spanish translators, law references, and iTunes of course), even if it meant bringing two devices.

What I hate about the 9360 though is that its battery life is terrible. At the rate I use it, i.e., emails, a couple of calls, texts, and BBMs, or a few tweets on a good day, it lasts roughly one and 1/4 of a day. This means I often find myself looking for a socket on a busy day. I also dislike the browser, with no flash capability, and it takes forever to load, even on a private wifi connection.

The verdict: absolute value for money and adorable for heavy messaging users.

Photo from: Techradar

Mary Rhauline Lambino, Entry No. 3

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