Thursday, January 5, 2012


There are a lot of developments in photo and video editing year by year. An average computer user cannot even use Adobe Photoshop CS5 not without a hard time and long hours of exploring the program because of its complexity. But these tools became very useful to all of us. It is because of these tools that made Avatar movie possible. But on the other hand, these tools also make the public skeptical about the authenticity (unedited) of a photo if it does not look real to them.

This photo of Jinkee Pacquiao in the recent issue of MEGA Magazine is currently being talked about by critics for not being very truthful representation of her. They were saying that this photo is significantly edited to the point that what you see does not really reflect how Jinkee looks today. At first glance, I myself thought that it does not look like her. I think you will agree to me that this girl in photo (whoever she is,hahaha) looks thinner, prettier and definitely younger than the Jinkee Pacquiao that we know.

Because of these criticisms, Jinkee had no choice but to defend herself. She was even defended by the team that handled the whole project from the photographers to the editors. They were all one in saying that Jinkee did really prepare for this project that is why a very good outcome resulted. They mentioned though that the photo you are seeing in the magazine was ‘digitally enhanced’. I am not sure what that really means but with my limited skill in photo editing, this is my definition of digitally enhanced. Lol!

Adrian S. Bustos, Entry #3

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